What’s the critical time for cauda equina surgery?

There are a number of red flag symptoms for which to be alert.

PlaneTags are for what?

Plane tags are used to turn old planes into useful items. PlaneTags were resurrected from the skin of retired airplanes east of the airport. We give aircraft a new lease of life.

Does it happen that Zazzle has custom postage stamps?

Our story has something to do with it. This useful gift can be used to give a personal touch on the mail. Zazzle has large custom stamps that are ideal for letters and envelopes.

Is a fireplace the best way to add value to a home?

According to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers, a fireplace can add up to an extra $6500 to the resale value of a home.

How long do straw bale houses survive?

straw bale buildings have a lifetime of 100 years or more if they are protected from the weather and don’t get waterlogged.

How much does AP 40 cost?

The P-40 cost about $53,000, the P-39 cost $71,000 and the P-38 cost around $126,000.

Is the co-pilot a real pilot?

A pilot and co-pilot who is also the captain or legal commander are called the FO in aviation. In the event of the captain being arrested, the first officer will be the next in line.

What is the optimum size for a sports clothing accessory?

The approximate 20-foot per-person rule applies to a good mudroomsize. A family of 5 should have a mudroom that is around 15′ x 7′ or more. The layout of the home and the plans for storage bench will dictate this.

Plan B is only available if I am late 12 hours or so.

You should have one Plan B One-step pill if you have sex sooner than 72 hours after. If you use ella, you need to take a pill within 120 hours after unprotected sex, and only if you use ella before then.

How long should radials last?

The longest the radials should be is about 14 ft. when you take the quarter wave length at 20 meters into account.

Is walmart doing a Santa photo?

According to Lori Kumar, Wal-mart’s divisional merchandise manager for photo processing, people should spend less money on Christmas. It’s a way for parents to give free photos with Santa.

Estate andlegacy can use some definitions.

Your estate is merely something you own and ultimately are responsible for once you die. A succession of assets is provided in aestate plan.

What is the difference in commercial and business auto insurance?

Business insurance tends to be used for business purposes while commercial auto policies are used for non-business ones. Commercial auto insurance covers cars used for trips that don’t involve regular traffic.

How tall are the barn dominiums?

To keep the ceiling heights within eight feet a 21, 10, and two stories need 21 and 20 feet.

The dress code for a theatre.

Patrons are advised to wear something comfortable as sitting for the duration of a performance can cause restricts. Does the CLOAKROOM have a building? The only place currently where you can get rid of urine is a restroom. We can’t admit larger items like bags and clothing.

How long is Phase 1 of shape reClaimed.

The program has 3 phases. Phase 1 is a 30-day diet with low calories. We give complete instruction on what’s acceptable and what’s not, but during that time we have you eat real food.

what does Alaska seaplanes pay?

Job title is salary There are 4 pilot salaries that report $70,820/yr. 1 Line Pilot salaries were reported in the year. 1 salaries reported are for consultants. There are 1 aircraft mechanic salaries that come in at over 50,000 per year. 5 are outstanding.

A wealth preservation plan is something that I do not understand.

If you pass away, your heirs will be given a preset amount of money on your death so that the inheritance tax bill they will face won’t be as high.

How tall is the toy hauler?

Sleeps 6. Length 33 feet 7 inches 8/6 in. Ext is 12 feet 5 in. The hitch weight is 1194 lbs. 22 more rows.

What material is the dog’s shelter?

Water resistance and its ability to last are what make it easier to focus on the dogs. Animals are prevented from playing with a seamless surface by the interlock panels.

The plane crash was caused by who or what?

The suicidal co-pilot, who was declared useless to work by his doctor, caused the crash by planting equipment into the ground. Lubitz kept the information from his employer.

The 97Jayco pop up camper is worth some money.

Average retail price A price is based on a number of factors. $6,855 was the total price Next two rows.

There is a crossword for small business Saturday.

On August 22, 1972 the crossword clue participated in Small Business Saturday with 4 letters was last seen. We think shop is the answer to this clue.

What are the things not allowed on carry on luggage?

If possible, larger items of liquid or gel should be put in your checked bags. Travelers can be instructed to seperate items from carry on bags with the help of the Tsas.

In Texas, can you still purchase Plan B at the market store?

Emergency contraception is something I can get. Plan B is not a new product and is easily purchased over the counter.

Is it a good idea to combine finances after marriage?

Some couples prefer to completely merge their finances after they marry, But this doesn’t work for everyone, and it’s not right for everyone’s situation. You might have to keep your finances separate to benefit from that.

How much is a gas leak?

You don’t have to pay to call the National Gas Emergency number. An emergency gas engineer will be dispatched to make sure your property is safe.

There are different types of vardo wagons.

During the 20th century, five types of vardos existed: Burton, Brushes, Reading, Ledge, and Bowtop. The original Burton were not decorated, unlike its descendants.

Vosker has a cell service.

The United States has two cellular network options–The Nationwide and the Chevint network. Contact your local dealer to learn more about the use of VOSKER cameras internationally.

How large is Mount Vernon’s house?

George Washington lived in a house that was around 3,500 square feet at Mount Vernon. Washington’s Mount Vernon was home to an almost 11,000 square foot mansion.

what does mischievous monkey do?

There is an overview of its events. There are multiple branches of the Cheeky Monkeys in the United Arab nation. It is for children ages 8 and under.